Automechanika Dubai – 2021 – Our summary

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This week StepsBridge attended to the 18th edition of Automechanika Dubai with much better days in December than when it was in May. It was a nice walk to the show without being BBQ-ed on the street because of the hot temperature.

Exhibition gate – Automechanika Dubai 2021

The participation was impressive, specially the first day. We can say, it was very close to pre-covid times however unfortunatley there were some significant players not attending. On the other hand, the attendance of exporthouses and local distributors wassignificant, as usual.

Although virtual business is here to stay, but human face to face interaction brings much better results. Even more considering the intercultural factors of each region. It is still better to talk to each other without an online surface in between.

Walking between the pavilions, we have to admit, that the German pavilion was still having a very strong presence but the most impressive presence in our opinion was from the Turkish by far. Even if it does not mean more successful…

The German Pavillion at Automeckanika Dubai 2021

It´s great to see and we welcome the promotion of #womeninautomotive what is a very positive step towards gender equality.

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