6th German Online Automotive Dealer Congress

On January 11th and 12th, we participated in the 6th German Online Automotive Dealer Congress. Over 30 speakers from different companies and backgrounds gave a 360° view on the topics affecting the automotive value chain, with a specific focus on the car dealership segment and also on leadership in general. 

Topics covered were, among others:

Online portals for garages:
– Digitalisation across the value chain
– Managing the transformation process towards electric/shared mobility/sustainable mobility
– Direct car sales (new & used) of manufacturers bypassing cardealer („agency models“)
– Changing customer expectations in a more transparent market environment
– Innovative services for safeguarding the business
– New ideas and innovations in financial services
– New Work, the human factor and new business models
– Operational and Business Excellence

Our main takeaways:

Huge transformational issues will be drastically affecting the entire automotive value chain
– Aftersales revenue for cars as a whole will be reduced, as fleet size will shrink and generate a need to find new smart sources of income to safeguard the business 
– Car dealer landscape and their role will drastically change in the future
– Customer loyalty and customer life-cycle will be even more important 
– Cooperations, collaborations and best-practice exchange with other market players & service providers will be key
– Car manufacturers will increase their grip on the valuechain, move closer to the customer in car sales and aftermarket traditional by bypassing trade levels.

StepsBridge continues its activities in 2022 with full speed! We will take part in interesting events to learn and stay up to date to pass on knowledge and insights to our customers worldwide.

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