How do we walk the talk?

nternational department of your company coordinating all Sales & Marketing

Our Main Services


International Business Projects

Analysis of your company to identify strenghts and weaknesses.
Definition of goals. Choosing the right markets, customers and programs.

Access-to-Market Strategy: export arrangements, sales office location and set-up, production site location.


Market Research

Who are the main competitors and the most attractive customers? How does the market operate? 

Explore trends and opportunities, get to know the market size and potential. Identify entry barriers and hear the voice of the Customer.


Business Plans

What is needed? 

Budget, Resources, Timing. Marketing activities & required actions.
With us you will cover the required steps. 


Workshops, Seminars & Training

Prepare your team and educate them in the way the different markets operate.
Get the understanding and the key tools for the internationalization processes.


M&A Support

Make or Buy?

Identify potential targets together with us and get support during all decision phases.

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