Conference “Sensors + IoT: Auto, Mobility, Transportation” – our takeaways

Last December 8th, StepsBridge attended the Conference “Sensors + IoT: Auto, Mobility, Transportation“. The event covered current topics around new technologies. The main focus was especially on sensors and IoT in transportation. Featuring speakers and panelists from companies such as Isuzu, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Continental, Honda, Toyota, CN and Hyundai.

Our main takeaways:

  1. OEM ‘s are investing heavily into new tech. Such as connected vehicles and autonomous driving or ADAS are the main areas of investment. They are step-by-step building ecosystems that combine their traditional strengths of building cars, trucks & buses with services.
  2. New players from other industries are building use cases in the transportation segment using AI. An example is CN in recognition of material defects of rolling stock. These companies are cooperating and perhaps eventually competing with traditional players in the mobility segment.
  3. It seems that VW is leading the field, at least in Europe, with many Group companies heavily investing into new technology. Japanese companies, apart from building up more software knowledge, seem to also invest significant resources in fuel cell and battery technology.
  4. New technologies such as autonomous driving will also need new legal and regulative framework that work globally. It is important to know, that the Automotive Industry is already working on these topics together with governmental agencies, research institutes and universities.

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